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Utah Lake Paddle Boards - Canoes

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Lindon Marina at Utah Lake is the wasatch fronts closes and most convenient source of water sport activites. Paddle board, Canoe and Kayak rental are just the beginning to the adventure and fun that customers can have at Lindon Marina.
Utah Lake Paddle Boards
Utah Lake Paddle board and Canoe rentals

        Paddle Boards                                                       Kayaks & Canoes

Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUPS) Great Idea for a date that does not break the bank. Stand up paddle surfing is one of the fasted growing water activities in water sports. It can be great exersize not to mention how soothing and relaxing it can be to be out on the water paddle boarding watching the sund go down with a buddy, lets face it everyting is more fun with a freind. Excellent group activity for family, work, or church group.

Canoes & Kayak Canoes amd Kayaks is a great activity for young and old alike. Launch from one of Utah Lakes only sandy beaches at Lindon Marina.

Padlle Board, Kayaks Sail Boat or Canoes 2014 Season

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Featured Rental 2014 Location Seating Photo Hourly Daily
Paddle Board
Utah Lake Water Craft
SUP / Stand Up
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Lindon Marina 1-2 Utah Lake Paddle Board Rentals $20 2 hr $35
4 hr $55
Sit Down
Utah Lake Water Craft
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Lindon Marina 1 Utah Lake Canoe Rentals Utah $20 2 hr $35
4 hour $55
(One Seater / Utah Wate Craft
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Lindon Marina $20 Utah Lake Kayak Rentals Utah 2 hour $35 4 hr $55
Daily $80
Small Sail Boat
(two Seater / Utah Wate Craft
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Lindon Marina $20 Utah Lake Sail Boat Rentals Utah 2 hour $35 4 hr $55
Daily $80
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Water Sports Equipment Rental | Boating Equipment Rentals

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Water Sports Equipment | Boating Equipment Rentals Daily
Utah Lake Lindon Marina
Paddle Boards - with Vest $80 Lindon Marina-Utah Lake
Canoe - with vest $80 Lindon Marina-Utah Lake
Kayak with vest $80 Lindon Marina-Utah Lake
Pull Tube $35 Lindon Marina-Utah Lake
Kayaks with vest $80 Lindon Marina-Utah Lake

Utah Lake Sandy Beaches: Unique to Utah Lake at Lindon Harbor are man made sandy beaches to play on and launch water sports equpment and non motorized water craft. Come join us for the fun on the beaches of Utah Lake.

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Water Craft safety tips

Be safe and have fun on water:

  • always were your life Jacket
  • Wear proper safety equipment or approved PFD Life Jacket

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