Utah Lake Wake board Sessions and quick-sets, Water Ski Lessons, Wake Surf Lessons, Wake Skate, Knee Board, Wake Board Camps in Utah for water sports and boating enthusiasts.

Water Sports Sessions/ Quick-Sets

Utah Lake Wakeboarding, Water Skiing, Wake Surfing Kneeboarding Wake Skating:
TK Watersports now offers at Utah lake water sports charters, lessons, instruction and quick sets for those who just need to get water time or want the convenience of just showing up to get a set in wakeboarding, waterskiing, wakesurfing or wakeskating before or after work. Watersports instruction can be tailored for the beginner, intermediate or advanced.

New at Utah Lake - Quick Sets come join us on Utah Lake. Don't have alot of time but want to get a quick set in.Just show up the boat will be preped and ready to go.

In a hurry need time on the water

The quick set program is new and can offer now that we have an on site location at Utah Lake Lindon Marina. Conveniant and haslte free show up at the dock and get your quick set in before or after work.

This program is offered to help those who are trying to improve there riding but have a hard time creating time from work and other responsibities. Geting the boat and equipment ready and putting away many times takes more time that a person has. This offer is to help solve that problem for many of our clients. Goplay Utah Lake offer this program for all watersports, wakeboarding, water skiing, wake Skating and Wake Surfing.

Quick-Sets | Group Sesssion | Packages
Activity Personal 2 Riders 3 Riders
Wakeboarding $125/1hr/personal $350//3hr/2 riders $450/4hr/4 riders
Water Ski $125/1hr/personal $350//3hr/2 riders $450/4hr/4 riders
Wake Surf $125/hr/personal $350//3hr/2 riders $450/4hr/4 riders
Kneeboarding $125/hr/personal $350/3hr/2 riders $450/4hr/4 riders
Jet Ski Pull $85/hr $160/2hr $450 6-8 hours
Session Packages 5 Sessions/$750 plus gas 10 Sessions/$1500 plus gas  
This program and pricing is for our Utah Lake location at Lindon Marina


Utah Lake Wake Surf Lessons / Wake Surfing

Wake Surfing is the hottest thing in watersports because it is low impact and everyone one can do it old and young alike. Ride the endless wave that our wake surf boats create with out the risk of wakeboarding or water skiing. We are you wake surf specialist To Reserve you Wake Surf Lessons Click Here

Utah Lake Wakeboard Lessons / Wakeboarding

Their is nothing like catching air for the first time or landing a difficult trick or jumping the whole wake for the first time. We offer wakeboarding lessons and instruction or just time on the water our wakeboarding sessions. New for Utah Lake at Lindon Marina is our quick set program. We are you wakeboarding specialist.To Reserve you Wake Board Lessons Click Here

Utah Lake Water Ski Lessons / water skiing

Learn to water ski for the first time or graduate to slalom. Water skiing is one of the oldest water sports byt many still enjoy the thrill of the higher speed and carving back and forth gliding along perfect glassy water. GoPlay Utah Lake is there to take care of all your water ski needs.To Reserve you Water Ski Lessons Click Here

Utah Lake Wake Skate Lessons

Learn to wake skate for the first time, learn your first shuv it, kick flip, spin or jump the wake for the first time. We can pull from a boat or many wake skaters enjoy being pulled by a waverunner or PWC. TK Watersports is there to take care of all your wakeskating needs. To Reserve you Wake Skate Lessons Click Here

Wakeboard lessons | Wake Surf Lessons, Water Ski Lessons | Wake Skate, Knee Board

It becomes our victory getting people up for the first timeor helping individuals get to there next level. Our passion is the waters and our goal is to help others enjoy our love of water sports and boating

Wakeboard lessonsWakeboard instructionwakeboarding 101

Sean Hagen and Sons at Utah Lake a little encouragement goes a long
way learning to wakeboard

Cole Hagen 7 years old got up his first session