Utah Lake wake surf lessons, wake surf sesssions, wake surf schools & wake surf camps for the water sports & boating enthusiasts.

Wakesurfing Surf an Endless Wave

WakeSurf with GoPlay Utah Lake:
GoPlay-Utah Lake a TK Watersports location and Division offers Wake surfing lessons, instruction, sessions or full service Watersports charters. TK Watersports uses the best in Wake surfing equipment to create the best wake surf wave possible.

Wakesurfing is low impact
Low impact and a lot of fun wake surfing is for young and old alike. Wake surfing is relatively easier to learn than surfing on the ocean and with no wait time to catch a wave. With this sport you don’t have to live by the ocean to enjoy surfing and hey, you have a never ending wave to surf behind. Wake surfing is low impact unlike wakeboarding or waterskiing, meaning that falls cause less stress and damage on your body. Come play with us and we can teach you.

Catch the Wave Wakesurfing
Our boats are equipped with the latest in wake enhancement options so that we can provide you with the best wake surfing experience this industry has to offer. Imagine riding that never quits a never ending wave.

Wakesurf lessons

Free instruction included in all Watersports charters, join us on Utah lake for our Wake ski sessions

Don’t have a boat??? Don’t need one come join us on your favorite lake. Take advantage of our water sports packages for the summer.

Wakesurf lessons | Wakesurf Sessions

TK WATERSPORTS will help you get up and catch the wave for the first time or help you get to the next level. Nothing moves you forward like time on the water.

Single Sessions | Group Sesssion | Packages
Activity Personal 2 Riders 3 Riders
Wakeboarding $175/hr/personal $350//3hr/2 riders $450/4hr/3 riders
Water Ski $175/hr/personal $350//3hr/2 riders $450/4hr/3 riders
Wake Surf $175/hr/personal $350//3hr/2 riders $450/4hr/3 riders
Kneeboarding $175/hr/personal $350//3hr/2 riders $450/4hr/3 riders
Group 4 Minimum $450/4hr/4 riders $750/4-8hr/4-more
Session Packages 5 Sessions/$750 plus gas 10 Sessions/$1500 plus gas  
Charter Boats Centurion Enzo 230 or 233 and Moomb XLV
If you haven’t ever been in a Centurion Enzo with Surf Package, then you are seriously missing out.  In 2014 we are adding to our charter fleet a New Centurion Enzo SV233 with the RAMFILL system and is designed to fill up the ballast in under 30 seconds. Also featured on this boat is the Articulating tracking system allowing for driver to shape the wave from skim or surf style instantly.

Utah Wake Surf Camp – Up-coming events
In the past we have joined with M & M Watersports/Boardco in offering Wake surf camps featuring 6 Time World Wake Surf Champion Drew Danielo. Watch on our Events page for updates on offering with this Wake surf camp and competition for current season.

2014 Season at Lake Powell there will be a qualifing event for the World Wake Surf Series first one in the State of Utah. Wake surfers get a good start on your session this year and get ready.  

Wake surf boats
Your Wakesurf Lessons or Wakesurf Charter

Will be full service and will include:

  • Professional Wakeboarding, Skiing, wake Surfing Boats
  • CWB & Hyperlite Equipment
  • Driver /Instructor
  • Lessons and Instruction
  • Life Vest/Wet Suit if needed
  • You leave all the work to us take the hassles out of boat ownership
  • Tunes for Wakeboarding 2400 watt stereo system, wake enhance system ,(switch blade for surfing)
  • Drivers/Instructors are certified Emergency Wilderness First Responder and certified at CPR first aid.

Let us provide your next safe water sport event. Please call for a free estimate!